Yukie Sarto Fotografia

Twenty-eight-year-old fashion photographer Yukie Sarto is capturing images that breathe class and send off his very identity in bright artistry. Like many truly talented artists, he is much into details and carefully treats matters to suit his taste without compromising the essence of visual art.

"I am a very hands-on type of guy especially on shoots. Whenever I see the final output of all that hard work, it really takes away all exhaustion and I crave for more. It’s addicting," he says, describing how his commitment to take photography by his bare hands has become a fulfilling routine for him.

For this Nursing graduate from the Far Eastern University, everything is taken into consideration before actual work gets underway. He admits, without sounding conceited, "I am very organized when it comes to shoots. Before I start, I always plan it very well so that if something goes wrong I know what to do."

Yukie's words are supported by images that give justice to his claim. Pictures can even express them more vividly, with all the glamour and glitter displayed in his high fashion photographic files. Several of his subjects are admittedly out of this world, yet they get translated more than good enough to be treated as real art – not as scrap boasted as work of genius.

Recently he has been more attached to black-and-white photos, in particular portraits capturing the subjects' soul, effectively immortalizing the raw power of such images. "For black and white, I love how the simplicity of the photo can give huge impact on the viewer and focus more on the subject than what’s happening around it," he explains. 
Early on, having a model for a best friend gave Yuki a window of opportunity to take photography as a hobby. He used to tag along with his model-friend in the latter's photo shoots that initially he got interested in becoming a makeup artist. But there is more than putting makeup as far as he is concerned. That came in the form of photography.
When a cover shot for a fashion magazine caught his attention and made him ask how a beautiful photo is done, he immediately began researching for answers. In no time he found himself “fun shooting” with friends, creating a strong impression that inspired him to take the craft seriously. Eventually he quit office work and decided to study fashion photography at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

The single, self-confessed mama's boy states, "A photo becomes effective when it catches someone’s attention whether he likes it or not. The mood of the photographer is very important since it reflects his creativity and vision."

Aside from being a contributing photographer for the Manila Bulletin, Yukie has likewise been featured in different online magazines and websites. He may not be affiliated yet with any photo organization but he would love to if given the chance. Same with participating in photo competitions, making a try is one thing he finds worth doing even just for the sake of the experience.

For all his composure and confidence, he has to thank his mom. While he feels that winning in contests can be a compliment to a high level, he still believes the best citation he will ever receive is coming from that great woman in his life. "Best recognition is from my mom. It is cheesy I know but she is very supportive that when I told her I wanted to venture to photography, she embraced the news well. After she saw my first published work, she told me she is very proud and she knew that her trust wouldn’t be put to waste."
Mother knows best as another new kid on the block storms the world of fashion and portraiture, both sealed with a click. - YUGEL LOSORATA


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